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 General regional history:

- German genealogy: Carpatho-Ukraine

German places in Slovakia (includes section on Carpatho-Ukraine)

-Carpathian German Homepage

- "Schönbornfranken" in der Transkarpatien - Ukraine

  In German, a history of German settlers in Carpatho-Ukraine

New! English translation of the above web site, courtesy of Google translation.

  This automatic translation is not perfect, but will give you a good idea of the contents.

- The Federation of East European Family History Societies

- Villages listed in the 1828 Hungarian Census: includes Sophiendorf
  (PDF  document)

 - The Historical Text Archive: history and maps of the Hungarian Empire

- Wikipedia entry for the city of Mukacheve

- Wikipedia entry for Carpathian Ruthenia


- A history map of the Hungarian Empire

-Map of Ruthenia under Austro-Hungary empire

 requires Internet Explorer


- P.A.T.H. Finders Personal Ancestral Tours & History (Czech Republic)

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